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май 10, 2018 237

21 century is a century of technological and information tendencies, and the most significant thing about these innovations is not to lose yourself and the path that you want to follow in the future. Choice of the profession is one of the most complicated periods in lives of entrants and pupils because on par with high demand and a decent salary must also go incentive, motivation, and love for the chosen craft. 

My own experience shows how spontaneous choice can affect all priorities and aims you have in your life. Initially, when I studied in 8th grade, I was dreaming about being an actress. Honestly, the talent to copy someone`s actions and manners, to live not only your but also another hero`s life, acting, laughing and crying when it is needed is precious. However, this idea did not find any support from my parents and sisters. 

Obviously, this career cannot be effective in our country, just because the cinematography is not well developed, that is why I have decided to change my profession. Thus, I knew that I should correlate my life with camera and started to search a career in this sphere. Naturally, after my dream failed I forgot about all of the researches. The most interesting thing is that I even thought about being a doctor and study biology. Fortunately, I did not feel a pleasure while I was studying this subject and in grade 9 I was introduced with the works of journalists. It was after I started to read Sarah Jio`s books who is a journalist and a writer; her bestsellers are “Blackberry winter’, “The Bungalow”. Suddenly, I realized how amazing it could be, I imagined myself a human who reports and writes about all of the news. 

The understanding that I would have an opportunity to travel to the red spots and writing reviews about human`s hard lives, wars, celebrities` lives and some articles about my motherland motivated me to know more about this profession. I watched a lot of films about journalism and dreamed to have my own report that would bring me a glory. In the future, I want to have my own story like Rebecca Thomas from the film “A thousand times good night”. She was a photo-reporter, who took photos of wars in Africa, Afghanistan and etc. While her latest visit to Afghanistan she was taking photos of a woman who was preparing for an attack at one of the markets in Kabul. 

On this occasion she had a risk to die after a bomb react, so she had the clinical death and the marriage on the brink, which was caused by a million dangers that she exposed herself. However, the hatred of her husband to her profession and insult of her children did not kill the desire for the work, because she knew that the world must see all of the photos taken by her. The dedication to work and love for the peace were rulers for her and even after her husband expelled her from home she was continuing to love her career. 

Thus, the thing that can be respected was that as like as other journalists, who travel around the world, Rebecca was not loved, but the love for a whole world was kept in her heart. Thus, this aspect motivated her to scarify. She risked her life even when Pentagon refused to publish her photos. Is not it amazing? She explained her actions as an instinct, but to my mind, it was a talent. The talent to face the fears. She had done everything not because of her needs, but because the Earth needs it. Terrible things happen in the world, while the war lasts. 

Thousands of people die. Human cannot feel all of the horror situations, unless he reads, hears it by himself. We are living in the country, where the shots cannot be heard, the military aircrafts do not fly upon us, but we are informed about everything. Do you know whose gratitude is that? Everything is because of hardworking journalists, we see the world as like as it presented to us. 

The Universe must see every terror that conducts in the world, even it is impossible to feel it tactilely, humanity can do it spiritually, so that is why we know that war cannot be stopped by pregnant women, crying babies and exhausted children, we see that while the citizens of big world drinking their coffees for breakfast, somewhere far away a billions of children bid adieu with their lives. Every action is directed to cater someone`s ambitions. Journalists make us mobile and more intelligent than we are, but every specialist does it in a special way, someone takes photos, someone uses a pen, but someone sacrifices his life. 

Together, journalists make the history. Any, absolutely any journalist is a person, who writes a history. Journalists are becoming witnesses of the millions death, acts of terrorism and everything is for being heard by the world. It is pricelessly that you can effect on all of the countries, continents, the Earth and the simplest humans` hearts only by sitting in front of your notebook with a pen. I want to admit that journalists rule the world almost like presidents and monarchs do. 

The nicest example can be Ida Tarbell, who was a daughter of well-known oil businessman, but her father’s company was crushed, when the empire of Rockefeller appear- “Standard oil”. She decided to be closer to Henry Rogers, who was her insider until she did not destroy the company. H.Rogers opened all of the secrets and agreements to Ida, so then she published a book, called “The History of the Standard Oil Company”. Consequently, Standard Oil Trust was separated and the company was accused of violating the antitrust laws, John Rockefeller turned into the main enemy of the Americans, and Ida Tarbell went down in history as one of the most vivid “rakers of dirt’. 

Another interesting example is Halide Edip, I find her marvelous because she motivated people to shelter the Turkey in the period of occupation. To be honest, she is mostly accepted like a politician, but she wrote a lot of books and touching speeches, she also was writing about women’s position in society. 

Just see, that all of her books, talks were on humanity while the national liberation movements and in the reformations, which Mustafa Kemal Ataturk had done. Is not it a power, when you can be near the president and write about all of the weaknesses? Overall, I want to be a part of this big family, where the creativity is accepted. I wish to be a well-known journalist, who can also be productive not only for my country, but also for the world. 

Obviously, all of the dreams about being an actress or a doctor cannot be compared with my wish to be a part of journalism. I should admit that being a good worker is more crucial for me than being a good wife and a mom. 

I feel that this profession is one of the most suitable and beloved for me, even it can took a lot of time instead of sleeping or eating or even it can cost my life, so I want to be a journalist.

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май 10, 2018 237

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